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Before you order your WordPress website package and optional extras from WP Websites Wales, please ensure you read the following terms and conditions carefully. They explain what you can expect from us, and what we need from you, when we work together.

If you need any help or if any part of this document doesn’t seem clear enough and you’d like some clarification, please get in touch.

staged payments policy (click to open)

staged payments policy

In order to provide our WordPress website services at such low prices, we need to receive payment for your website and associated optional extras in stages.

brochure and ecommerce WordPress packages

  • The first 50% of the total project fee will be invoiced, and must be paid, before commencement of work. By ‘total project fee’ we mean the basic price of the package you’ve selected, plus any optional extras you’ve ordered that constitute part of the build of your website. If your optional extras include any ongoing fees (for example newsletter broadcast/management fees, ghost blogging on a regular basis, etc), such ongoing fees will be invoiced separately, on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.
  • The remainder of the total project fee as described above (and below in the ‘premium plugins’ section) will be invoiced once the website is live, and payment must be received within 30 days of the date of the invoice. If you don’t make payment within 30 days of the date of the invoice, we reserve the right to disable your new website and email addresses, and withhold all relevant passwords, until payment is received. Please note that we will not send you the ‘welcome’ document (which includes passwords for hosting, etc) until the invoice has been paid.

When we say ‘payment is received’, we mean payment must have cleared through our bank account. Please ensure you allow adequate time for payment to clear; if you are paying by cheque, please be aware that this will probably take five business days to clear. Online banking transfers usually clear immediately, or at least within a day.

hosting and theme only package

If you order a “WordPress hosting and premium theme” package from WP Websites Wales, we require a cleared deposit of 50% (£30) at the time of order. The remaining 50% will be invoiced on the last day of the month in which you place your order, with payment terms of 30 days. If this invoice is not settled within 30 days, we will place your hosting account on hold until payment is received (cleared through our bank account). This means your website and email addresses will stop working until payment has cleared.

annual renewals (click to open)

annual renewals

The first year’s hosting and domain name registration is included in all of our WordPress website packages.

Hosting and domain names are renewable every year for as long as you’re with WP Websites Wales. We will send you a renewal invoice at the end of the month before your hosting and/or domain name are due for renewal, with 30 days to pay. So, for example, if you ordered a WordPress website from us on 19th June 2015, we will send the annual renewal invoice on 31st May 2016, and you’ll have until 30th June 2016 to pay the invoice (and the same every year as long as you keep your website with us).

Our renewal fees are as follows:

  • Hosting: £35 per year
  • .com domains: £15 per year
  • domains: £10 per year

If you’ve ordered a more unusual type of domain (such as .wales, .me and so on) we will let you know the cost of renewal during the ordering process.

non-payment of renewal fees

Our annual renewal invoices are issued on 30 days payment terms. Should you fail to pay your renewal invoice within 30 days, we will contact you to remind you. If after being reminded you still fail to pay, we reserve the right to disable your hosting account, which means your website, mailboxes and email forwarders will stop working.

premium (paid-for) plugins (click to open)

premium (paid-for) plugins

If you request functionality for your website that can only be achieved by installing a plugin, in the first instance we will always attempt to find a plugin that can be used for free. However, sometimes this isn’t possible, and we may need to buy a premium plugin for you.

If this happens, we will never just buy a plugin without your agreement. We will first of all research the options and present them to you with our recommendations. Should you agree to us buying a plugin on your behalf, we will add a 10% admin fee to cover the costs of processing the payment and any charges made by our bank for currency conversion (it is common for WordPress plugins to be sold in US Dollars, though this is not always the case).

The 10% admin fee is based on the final amount that is deducted from our bank account at the time of purchase; for example, if our bank statement shows we’ve paid £19.91 for your plugin, we will add £19.91 + £1.99 = £21.90 to your final invoice.

service plans (click to open)

service plans

Our service plans can be paid in two ways:

  • Monthly, by standing order, or
  • Annually, by bank transfer (preferred) or cheque. If you choose to pay annually, you will receive 12 months of service for the price of 10, with the two free months being provided in the final two months of the service period.

We will invoice you in advance for any service plan you sign up to. If you’re paying monthly, we will invoice you every month in advance of providing the service. If you choose to pay annually, we’ll invoice you every year in advance of providing the service.

To clarify, here are two examples.

monthly service plan example

You place your order for a pay-monthly basic analytics service plan on 15th September 2015. We will send you an invoice the same day for £20 (the monthly cost of the plan). You will send us proof that you have set up a standing order for £20 a month, with monthly payments starting on a day of your choice during October 2015 and repeating on the same day of every month thereafter. The service will begin on 1st October 2015; your October report will show stats for September, your November report will show stats for October, and so on (this is so that we can always give you a full calendar month’s stats in each report). From October onwards, we’ll invoice you on the last day of every month. As you’re paying monthly by standing order, this invoice will be your receipt for your standing order payment.

There is no minimum service term with monthly plans; if you want to cancel, you can do so at any time (but we ask that you give us a little notice if possible).

annual service plan example

You place your order for a pay-annually basic analytics service plan on 15th September 2015. We will send you an invoice the same day for £200 (the annual cost of the plan). You will pay this invoice by bank transfer or cheque, with payment clearing by 30th September. The service will begin on 1st October 2015; your October report will show stats for September, your November report will show stats for October, and so on (this is so that we can always give you a full calendar month’s stats in each report). The service will continue without further payment until September 2016, when we will contact you to ask whether you’d like to renew the service for another year.

There is no minimum term with annual service plans; if you want to cancel, you can do so at any time and receive a refund equivalent to £20 per month for each remaining month of the plan, minus the two free months (so in the above example if you were to cancel the service in mid-January, you would have received the service for four months and will receive a refund of 6 x £20 which represents the eight remaining months minus the two free months).

reporting dates for service plans

We will aim to provide your monthly reports as close to the beginning of each month as possible. However, sometimes this will not be possible, due to public holidays, annual leave or sickness. We will always do our best to notify you if your report is going to be late for any reason.

local business discount (click to open)

local business discount

To qualify for the 10% discount on WordPress website packages that we offer to Welsh businesses, your organisation (which can also be a community group, charity or other organisation – not just a business) must be based or carry out its primary activities in Wales.

The 10% discount applies to the basic package price of the WordPress package you choose, but is not applicable to our WordPress hosting and premium theme package, nor to any optional extras that you order, nor to premium plugins, nor to annual renewal fees for hosting and domain names, nor to service plans.

You can find out more about this discount at our special offers page.

site credits (click to open)

site credits

We will place a discreet “Website by WP Websites Wales” link in the footer of your website.

Stock images usually need to carry image credits (even where the photographer does not insist upon this, it’s still the polite thing to do). We will let you know if this is the case with any images that we source for you. You may choose to credit each image individually in a caption beneath the image, or we can create a separate ‘image credits’ page on your website and link to it from the footer – the choice is yours.

passwords (click to open)


Upon clearance of final payment for your WordPress website package, we will provide a user guide containing instructions for using your website’s admin area. This document will also contain all the necessary passwords for your website, including any email accounts we create for you, any Google accounts we create for you, your hosting control panel, and so on.

We believe that every client should have full access to the admin area of their website; we do not create separate user accounts, with restricted access, for our clients. Instead, we will provide you with the main admin password so that should you later decide to have another designer work on your website, you can do so with the minimum of fuss.

You are responsible for taking care of any passwords we provide you with, and should not share them with anyone unless you trust them entirely (and should you ever need someone else to work on your WordPress website, we suggest you create a separate user account for them so that you can avoid handing over your master password).

It is your responsibility to ensure any passwords we provide you with are securely stored to prevent your website, email addresses, Google accounts, hosting account etc from being hacked or used fraudulently or maliciously.

If you need to provide us with any passwords for any reason (for example, your existing hosting or domain control panel, your Google account, social media accounts, and so on) we will make every reasonable effort to ensure such passwords are used responsibly and securely.

switching providers (click to open)

switching providers

Once your website is complete, if you later decide that you’d like a different developer to work on it or rebuild it, we will not be obstructive and will do our best to make the transition as smooth as possible. If your new web designer needs to ask us questions, we’ll answer them honestly and as quickly as possible. If your new web designer needs your passwords, with your permission we will provide them if you’re not able to do so yourself (for example, if you’ve lost your welcome pack).

If you decide to move to a new hosting company or domain registrar, please give us as much notice as possible so that we can cancel the renewal before we have to pay for it.

free support - reasonable use policy (click to open)

free support – reasonable use policy

Our WordPress website packages include ongoing free support, subject to a reasonable use policy. To clarify – minor alterations to your website (for example adding/deleting/replacing content on existing pages, creating blank pages for you to add content to, changing contact details, setting up a new email address, fixing something that has stopped working through no fault of your own, etc) are considered ‘reasonable use’ . Major alterations (for example creating new pages and adding/formatting their content, making changes to the design, fixing something that stopped working because you broke it despite our advice not to touch it, etc) are not included in our free support, and will be charged at £40 per hour.

It is your responsibility to deal with ‘housekeeping’ jobs such as WordPress updates, plugin updates, comment management, and other day-to-day maintenance tasks at your website. However, if you don’t have time for this, you can take out an affordable maintenance plan – see service plans for details and prices.

find out more

If you have a question about the WordPress website services provided by WP Websites Wales, or if you’d like to order a WordPress website package, please get in touch.

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