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WordPress website service plans

Even with a simple system like WordPress, you may find you don’t always have enough time or confidence to perform maintenance tasks, or to keep an eye on your visitor statistics. And while our ongoing free support is pretty generous when it comes to tasks like creating new email addresses and making minor adjustments to your website’s content, it doesn’t cover common WordPress ‘housekeeping’ tasks like updating plugins or managing comments.

The following WordPress website service plans are designed to cover important tasks that you may not have time for. We’ve kept the prices as low as possible, and offer two payment options: monthly by standing order, or annually by bank transfer or cheque (if you pay annually, you get 12 months of service for the price of 10). To find out more about paying for your service plan, please see our terms and conditions of business.

WordPress housekeeping service plan

Every month we’ll carry out the following tasks:

  • Backup your website’s files and database
  • Check for WordPress updates and if any are available, install them
  • Check for plugin updates and if any are available, install them
  • Go through all pending comments and delete any that are spam, publish those that aren’t, and notify you of any comments you need to reply to
  • Provide a short report detailing the work we’ve done, notifying you of any potential issues, and making recommendations where appropriate

The cost of this plan is £10 per month or £100 per year.

basic analytics service plan

Every month we’ll log into your Google Analytics account, note some key statistics and present them to you in a short report, including the following:

  • Number of website users
  • Number of website visits/views
  • Number of page views
  • Average number of pages viewed per visitor
  • Bounce rate (overall)
  • Top traffic sources
  • Top content
  • Top keywords used to find your website

We’ll present these statistics for the past month, and will also provide a running total for the year.

The cost of this plan is £20 per month or £200 per year.

analytics plus service plan

The analytics plus service plan has all the features of the basic analytics service plan, but we’ll also use Google Webmaster Tools to get even more information for you. Your monthly report will therefore also include the following information:

  • Average search engine results page positions for keywords driving visitors to your website (please note that this information isn’t always available when a website is very new)
  • Any problems Google has had in accessing any of your website’s content
  • A closer look at visitor behaviour; for example we’ll compare the bounce rate on your top content to the bounce rate on your least-viewed content and compare the average number of page views by visitors from each of your top traffic sources
  • The most common geographical locations of your website’s visitors
  • The devices and browsers your website’s visitors are using to explore your website

The cost of this plan is £30 per month or £300 per year.

need different WordPress website service plans?

If you need a service plan that covers something we haven’t included here or in our optional extras, we can create a tailor-made service plan for you. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and what we can do to help.

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