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WordPress websites FAQs

how long will it take you to build my WordPress website?

This depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The WordPress package you’ve chosen (ecommerce WordPress websites take longer to create, as there are so many settings to tweak)
  • The WordPress theme you’ve chosen, and how much customisation you want us to do to it
  • How many plugins you’ve asked us to install, and how complicated they are to configure
  • How many images you supply, and how much editing they need
  • How quickly you’re able to provide your content
  • The number of pages you’ve asked for
  • The number of revisions you request
  • The number of optional extras you order
  • How quickly you’re able to transfer the staged payments to us

As a rough guide, though – if you’re quick at responding to our questions and requests, if your content is in good shape and provided quickly, and if you make the staged payments by online bank transfer (which usually clear within a couple of hours), it’s possible your website would be ready to go live within a week of ordering.

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will I be able to see the work you’re doing to my website during the build process?

Yes, you will! We’ll provide you with a password so that you, and you alone, can see your new website taking shape (this is not the main admin password – we’ll provide that after you’ve paid the final invoice). Visitors who don’t have a password will only see a page that says your website is currently under construction. We can embed an email newsletter subscription form on this page if you want to capture leads while you wait for your website to go live – just provide us with your newsletter service provider’s subscription form code or order an email newsletter account through us as an optional extra, and we’ll do the rest.

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what kind of admin access will I have when you’ve finished building the website?

We believe it’s important for our clients to have full control and ownership of their websites – not a separate user account with access to only a few features. So, once you’ve paid the final invoice, we’ll give you the master WordPress admin password which gives you access to every square inch of your WordPress website’s admin area. We’ll also give you the passwords for any other accounts associated with your website, such as the hosting control panel, your new Google account, and any email addresses we’ve created for you. This means that if you want to use a different web developer to make changes to your website in the future, there are absolutely no barriers whatsoever (from our side, anyway) to you doing so.

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can WP Websites Wales design and build a custom WordPress theme for me?

Not at the moment, but watch this space…

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can I save money by providing you with a theme I’ve sourced elsewhere?

Sorry, no. Working with a theme you’ve bought (or obtained for free) elsewhere won’t be any quicker for us, so it won’t save you any money. We prefer to work with WooThemes because their themes are well-designed, well-supported and bundled with more useful additional features than most off-the-shelf WordPress themes. However, if you’ve seen a theme you like somewhere else and can get permission to use it (either because it’s distributed free of charge or you’ve paid for it), we’ll still be able to work with it – but the price will still be the same.

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I don’t need my WordPress website to be ecommerce-enabled yet – but it’s something I’m considering for the future. Will I be able to upgrade my website at a later date?

Yes, you will! When you’re ready to upgrade to ecommerce, let us know and we’ll get the ball rolling. We can install WooCommerce, configure all its settings, and add your first 10 products. The cost of upgrading from the brochure package to the ecommerce WordPress website package is the difference in price between the two packages as described in our price list (roughly £300).

Don’t forget that once you’ve paid for your website and have received your login details, you’ll be able to install plugins yourself; so if you’re a confident WordPress user, you could save yourself a few hundred pounds by installing and configuring WooCommerce (or any other ecommerce plugin, for that matter) yourself. Please note, though, that if you break anything and ask us to fix it, this is not covered by our free support and will be charged at £40 per hour.

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I’m too busy to write my website copy; can you write it for me?

Absolutely! If you order website copywriting at the same time as you order your WordPress website, we’ll even give you a discount against our usual copywriting fees; please see our WordPress websites optional extras page for details.

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I’ve seen a website that I really like. Can you copy it for me?

No. Firstly, because this would be a breach of copyright; and secondly, because we work with pre-built themes that are customisable to a large degree but are unlikely to be so customisable that we could make an exact copy of someone else’s website from them.

During the briefing process for our WordPress websites services, we’ll ask you to tell us about websites you love and websites you hate, and what it is you love or hate about them. This will give us a good idea of what you’re looking for, so although you won’t end up with an exact copy of someone else’s website, we’ll work closely with you throughout the process to ensure you end up with a WordPress website that you’re happy with.

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if I ask you to source images, where will you get them from?

We’ll buy them from a stock image website like 123rf.

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why are your prices are so low?

We’re able to keep our WordPress website prices low because of the processes we use and the staged payments clause in the terms and conditions of business we ask you to agree to before we start work. Please be assured that while we may at busier times employ the services of a local partner to help with the setup process, we never, ever outsource abroad. Ever. When we say “WordPress websites built in Wales”, we mean it!

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why isn’t your website bilingual?

We’re currently in the process of having it translated. It will be available in both Welsh and English soon :)

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